Speaker, Author, & Coach
Terrell Fletcher

Terrell Fletcher is a former NFL running back turned faith leader, community advocate, and entrepreneur.  He authored his first book, ‘The Book of You: Discover God’s Plan and Transform Your Future’ in 2017; advises some of the most noted leaders in the world; and travels the globe (Belize, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and more) to provoke thought and infuse a message of purpose and transformation.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, he was awarded an athletic scholarship to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he would earn numerous team and individual accolades, including winning the 1994 Rose Bowl and the 1995 Outback Bowls Most Valuable Player honor. In 1995 Terrell was selected by the San Diego Chargers as a second round draft pick. He played 8 years and swiftly became a fixture in the southern California faith and business communities.

Fletcher draws from the lessons and skills he learned from participating on teams with high achieving people to now coaching executives, businesses, and industry leaders on how to maximize their parts to produce wins in their companies.  He also uniquely uses the trials of life, an arrest during his college years, a public divorce, and a season of no direction post-football, to affirm the redemptive beauty of transformation. Fletcher challenges his listeners to connect their head with their heart, transform toward a moral trajectory, and produce with a purposeful perspective in mind.


Terrell has a doctorate in transformational leadership, a master’s degree in religious studies, and a bachelor’s degree in English literature.  Touted as one of the most gifted speakers in the world, Terrell speaks a universal language that mobilizes audiences of all ages, races, and histories to live in their full potential on purpose and with purpose.