What do you see?

Every great thing begins with vision. Helen Keller once said, “the only thing worst than being blind is having sight, but no vision.” And my goodness is she ever correct! Sight is a function of the eyes, but vision is a function of the hearts deepest yearnings. Learning how to define, in pictures and words, your hearts desire is key to developing a vision for your life.

The journey of dream formation begins with a clear vision: who do you want to be and where do you want to go? Your vision will establish your purpose and help you determine your destination. Where there is clear vision, a strategy for achievement can be established. One of the greatest sources of significance and satisfaction is walking daily in the strategy of your vision.

Today, I encourage you to do five things:

1. Imagine what your life will look like when your actions are aligned with the highest vision you have for your life.

2. Write down a series of adjectives that describe what you see.

3. Take notice of what actions you are performing

4. Take notice of what types of people are with you helping.

5. Take notice of the environment you are working in.

With this small exercise you can quickly get a snap shot of what your purpose could be, who you need to hire, the kind of environment you need to create and how amazing it will feel when you are walking in your vision.

Its small but taking steps like these can put you in touch with your deepest desires and bring you closer to defining your life vision.


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