5 Things To Do To Find Peace During This Thanksgiving Season

We all know how stressful the Thanksgiving holiday season can be in normal times. Inviting family, travel and cooking big meals is one of the only headaches we actually look forward to. But in a Covid-19 world, many will have to arrange this years celebration a bit. We can still expect the stress, but in very different ways. Creating a discriminating guest list, sanitation protocols, decisions on smaller gatherings (or no gatherings at all) each create a unique stress that may make the season difficult to navigate. Whether you adjust your plans a lot or a little bit, it is important to remember the main purpose of the season. It is the season to reflect and express gratitude for our blessings. Allow this season to bring you peace, not more anxiety.

Here are my six things you can do to find peace during this season:

  1. Forgive- Release the burden of being a warden over someone else's sins

  2. Meditate- Take time to reflect on faith and all the good it offers you

  3. Affirm- acknowledge how amazing you are and how bright your future is.

  4. Give- Be a blessing to someone who needs you.

  5. Express Gratitude- Be thankful and humbled for what and who you have.

Even in these times, there are reasons to be thankful and to find peace in it.


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